Mission & Vision


Saint Susanna School works cooperatively with the family, the Church, and the community to provide all students with a foundation that will provide the cornerstone for their lives as they enter adulthood. This foundation involves three aspects:

FAITH:  A spiritual foundation which seeks to reach a goal that finds that each student:

          • is knowledgeable of the rites, traditions, and history of the Catholic Faith.

          • understands his or her responsibility to service in the faith community.

          • continues to seek a relationship with her or his God through prayer.

          • chooses freely to answer the call to discipleship in the world.

VALUES: A civil foundation which seeks to reach a goal that finds that each student:

          • accepts responsibility for developing a community, a city, and a world in which all people are treated with fairness and compassion.

          • exercise his or her rights as a citizen of this country.

EXCELLENCE:  An academic foundation which seeks to reach a goal that finds that each student:

          • realizes that learning and personal development is an ongoing process.

          • recognizes his or her own giftedness and talents.

The Catholic Identity of Saint Susanna School ensures the faith formation of its students. Saint Susanna School strives to instill in students a belief in themselves. Faculty and staff believe that all students are in school to learn. This belief causes teachers to challenge students according to their abilities. Students responding favorably to these challenges discover their abilities, strive to increase their performance, and seek even greater challenges.


Mission Statement

St. Susanna Catholic School’s mission is to provide a Christ-centered, quality education that prepares and inspires its students to excel as they progress in their scholastic careers. Based on Catholic teachings, our students and staff exemplify the values of faith, service, love and respect in all situations and with all people.




Vision Statement

VISION 2022 for St. Susanna

St. Susanna is recognized and valued as a Catholic elementary school of choice, committed to its community of stakeholders and evidenced by consistently full enrollment.  Parents are excited at the prospect of entrusting their students to St. Susanna.


Reading Academic Goal

All students will demonstrate growth in reading comprehension and vocabulary.


Math Academic Goal

All students will demonstrate proficiency in the areas of critical thinking and mathematical reasoning skills.  All students will also express answers using correct mathematical vocabulary.