Sister Merrita, MS Religion

Hello, I am Sr. Merrita Mary. I belong to the Order of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I live at St. Michael Parish, which is close to Marian University where I earned a BA in Education in 1998. I love and enjoy working with children and young adults, and have been teaching at St. Monica. I am so excited to be teaching middle school religion here at St. Susanna. My model is Jesus Christ, who is the good master and teacher. I want to be filled with the love of Jesus Christ, so that I will be able to share His love with all young people. I like traveling, and was very fortunate to meet Blessed Mother Theresa in India in 1997, Pope John Paul II in Rome in 2000, and Pope Benedict XIV in 2008 in Australia. God is kind enough to lead me through wherever He sends me. I am so blessed and grateful!

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