Academic Support

The Resource staff works closely with the general education teachers to implement appropriate differentiation strategies, interventions,  and academic accommodations.  Support services are provided to students through our full-time Special Education teacher, Mrs. Roundtree, and our RtI (Response to Intervention) Coordinator, Ms. Flanigan and our Resource Assistant, Sister Merrita.


Our Resource Team is divided into two areas – Special Education and RtI.

Special Education – Mrs. Roundtree works with students, their families and Plainfield Schools to provide services to our students with special needs as defined under Indiana Article 7 Special Education Law.

1130151224-00RTI (Response to Intervention) — Mrs. Flanigan screens all students to see how they are progressing in their reading and math classrooms using the STAR test. Those students that fall below the 25th percentile are placed in our intervention groups.  Mrs. Flanigan monitors the progress of students using the STAR assessment tools. Intervention groups are formed to assist those children. Small group instruction supplements classroom teachers instruction in the student’s areas of weakness.

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Helpful Study Links


Below are websites Saint Susanna students can access for academic practice.  Some have limited “seats.” If your student attends Saint Susanna, e-mail the contact person to find out if your student has access, or can get access.

Academic Area Site St. Susanna contact
Reading & Fluency
Math & Language Arts
Numerous academic areas – Reading, Math, English, Writing, Science, Social Studies
Accelerated Math, Accelerated Reading and Facts in a Flash

Below are helpful websites for families looking for information on a variety of topics related to supporting our students and families

Site Name Site address Topic(s)
LD Online Learning disabilities, Attention problems
Wrights Law Special education rights, law and advocacy
Brain Facts Basic information about the brain and how we learn as well as information about diseases and disorders that affect the brain

NJHS Student Tutoring

Members of our National Junior Honor Society offer tutoring services to students in younger grades on a weekly basis.  This partnership is referral based from the child’s teacher.