Middle School (GR 6-8)

10855144_1651951011748409_8993911640460093647_oMiddle School Highlights

6th-8th Grades

Middle School Sample Report Card

Grading Scale:    A (95%-100%)      B (94%-86%)       C (85%-76%)      D (75%-70%)       F (69% and below)

Students learn to manage themselves and work independently

1:1 Initiative — each student (GR 5-8) is assigned a touch-screen laptop computer for the school year

Technology instruction is woven throughout the curriculum to support the content area instruction

Weekly Mass & Monthly Mission Days

MS students lead the school in Mission Projects, Stations of the Cross during Lent, Prayer Services, and May Crowing

Leaders, both in and outside of the school volunteering to help in the community & mentoring younger children

Three Spanish Classes & two PE Classes per week

Two Band/Music classes & two Fine Arts Classes per week

Accelerated Reader

SMART Boards

Small Class Sizes (19:1 Average)

Extended Daycare Ministry – available 7AM-8AM & 3:30-6PM each school day for all enrolled students

IMG_0329Religion is the backbone of everything we do.  Begin and end the school day in prayer; each class begins with prayer.  Students learn about the current events in the Church and how the Catholic Church impacts the greater world.  Vocations are explored.  6th Grade instruction focuses on the Old Testament of the Bible; 7th Grade learns about the New Testament; 8th Grade studies the history of the Catholic Church.

Inquiry-based Science classes with hands-on experiments at least twice per week.  Students also lend their experience to younger students, assisting them with science projects.  STEM activities are incorporated throughout the curriculum.  Projects are adjusted to each individual student’s needs.  Caring for a variety of class pets teaches responsibility and compassion.

Math is leveled-Students who demonstrate a high level of proficiency are challenged with an advanced math curriculum.  8th grade students who are ready take Algebra I (which is typically a high school level course.)  All classes are interactive, using computer programs and hands-on activities.

Social Studies is a mixture of current events and history.  Students work on independent and group projects.  Students are encouraged to compete in History Fair Competitions.  Cross-curricular projects throughout the year.

Language Arts combines specific grammar instruction with writing, speaking, and vocabulary development.  Grammar skills are taught using the Daily Grammar Practice (DGP) Program.  6+1 Traits of Writing are used for instruction in developing essays, along with peer editing and unique publishing opportunities.  Greek and Latin root words help students decode vocabulary and unfamiliar words.  Writing is used in a variety of genres, including poetry writing, literature response, essays, blogs, and articles.  Public Speaking opportunities are integrated with subjects such as religion, science, and social studies

Literature involves the study of short stories, poetry, non-fiction articles–especially digital texts–and novels.  Selections vary from year to year and include, but are not limited to:  The Giver; The Diary of Anne Frank; Scrawl; Tuck Everlasting; The Outsiders; Confessions of a Closet Catholic; Hatchet; A Christmas Carol; The City of Ember; Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry; Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life; Animal Farm; Witness; The Cay.

2017-2018 Middle School Schedule

2017-2018 Middle School Blue/Gold Days

11312939_10202714675948114_8351329271060561966_oSpecial Activities

Middle School Activity Nights

Science Fair (Grades 5th/6th)

IASAP Math and Science Bowls

Student Council

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

CYO Sports-Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Kickball & Track

Spell Bowl

IXL Accounts (LA & Math)

National History Day

Reconciliation opportunities during Advent & Lent

Adoration on Fridays

Monthly Service and Missions

At least 3 study trips per grade level per year

Band, Handbells, Choir, Art Club

8th Grade overnight trip

Calculator Buying Guide

Purchasing a calculator for your Middle School Student is a financial investment.  Therefore, your purchase should be carefully planned so that the calculator may be used throughout Middle School, High School, and College, as well as, on college entrance test exams.  You may find the following document from the Cardinal Ritter Math Department helpful in this purchase.