Preschool & PreK

3-Day Half-Day, 3-Day Full Day, or 5-Day Full Day Programs

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering both full-day and half-day preschool and prekindergarten for the 2018-19 school year.  The full-day option allows time for the students to have lunch with their classmates, enjoy recess, take a rest time, and provides for additional special area classes, enrichment opportunities, and crafts – all with the same teacher in the same classroom as their morning academic instruction.  Of course, we understand that while some children are ready for this additional time, some still need the half-day experience, so we are continuing to offer our half-day, too.

Half-day runs 8:30 – 11:00am, while Full-day classes are 8:30am – 3:15pm.  Each class will have a teacher and an aide.

Extended care is available 7:00am to 8:00am and 3:30pm to 6:00pm each school day.

Preschool options include:
3 half-days (T/TH/F),
3 full-days (M/W/F),
5 full-days (M – F)

Our preschool program is developmentally appropriate, including a curriculum focused on early learning skills and classroom readiness.  It provides both fine and gross-motor activities with opportunities for young children to express their creativity through hands-on activities.  It develops the skills students need to be successful in the prekindergarten while emphasizing number sense, letters, colors, rhyming, storytelling, Catholic prayers, and community.  Preschool experiences study trips to locations such as an orchard, farm, and library.

Classroom is staffed with a Teacher and Full-Time Assistant (Child must turn 3 years old by August 1 and be fully potty-trained.)

At St. Susanna School, our preschool program encourages children to explore, problem solve, and create.  We offer centers and activities that provide sensory stimulation, creativity opportunities, and imaginative play, as well as to provide development of fine and gross motor skills.  Preschoolers use song, dance, and hands-on activities to learn:

  • Colors and ShapesPicture170

  • Numbers and Letters

  • Calendar and Time

  • Rhyming, Storytelling, and Listening

  • Fine & Gross-Motor Activities & Crafts

  • Show-and-Tell & Daily Snack Time

  • Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day Celebrations

  • Bible Stories, Prayers, and Saints

  • Study Trips (such as Anderson Orchard, Hunter’s Honey Farm, and the Public Library)




Pre-Kindergarten 5-day, AM Half-Day or Full-Day Programs

Prekindergarten runs 5 days per week, either half-day mornings or full-day.

Prekindergarten builds on the skills developed in preschool, focusing on hands-on science, phonemic awareness, pre-reading and math.  The centers-based structure allows for a wide variety of educational experiences for our children while weaving our Catholic faith into their daily routine and developing social skills.  Study trips enrich the curriculum and enhance the children’s real-world experiences. Children emerge prepared for a rigorous kindergarten program!

5-Day Program meets Monday-Friday from 8:30AM-11:00AM or 8:30AM-3:15PM

Extended care is available 7:00am to 8:00am and 3:30pm to 6:00pm each school day.

Classroom is staffed with a Teacher and a Full-Time Assistant (Child must turn 4 years old by August 1.)

At St. Susanna School, our Pre-Kindergarten is a place for discovery, growth, and exploration to prepare our children for Kindergarten and beyond.  Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum is a well-rounded program which develops the whole child–spiritually, academically, emotionally, and socially.

  • Learn about the Lives of Saints & People from the Bible

  • Develop Sharing and Social Skills through Cooperative Play and Learning Centers

  • Lead the School in a Monthly Mission Project

  • Experience Hands-on Science Activities

  • Observe the Life Cycle of Butterflies from Egg to Adult

  • Study Owls and Dissect Owl Pellets

  • Participate in Weekly Technology (iPads, Touch-Screen Computers, & Smart Tables) & Library Sessions

  • Incubate Chicken Eggs and Hatch Chicks

  • Observe Creates in a Worm Bin, Praying Mantis Pagoda, and Plant Biomes

  • Study Trips related to Class Topics

  • Educational Outreach Programs visit the Classroom