Specials Classes

K-4 Spanish 

The Elementary Spanish program at Saint Susanna is a wonderful program to expose children to the Spanish language.  Through this exposure many of our young students are able to have basic conversations in Spanish.  Students learn vocabulary for all areas of life including school objects, family, animals, sports, weather, telling time, and on and on.  Spanish is made fun and engaging for all learners through a variety of activities and projects.  Our program is a wonderful tool to prepare students for the higher levels of Spanish that will be presented in middle school, high school, and beyond!   

Middle School Spanish

In the 5th through 8th grade Spanish Program, we strive to build communication skills through speaking, listening, reading and writing in the target language. We take the basic skills that the students have learned in the elementary program and build on top of what they know. This truly creates a deeper understanding of the language. Some of the topics we learn include: school, traveling, parties, sports, around the town, the body, history and food. We also have various culture activities throughout the year, giving the students a chance to really understand the life that someone may lead in a Spanish speaking country.


In art we not only explore art history and learn technique, but we also work on fine motor development and enhancing problem solving skills.  In the primary grades we observe how different mediums interact to form a complete work-of-art. In Grades 3-5, we delve deeper into the development of art including perspective and portraiture.  In middle school, we explore different art movements and styles to include Roy Lictenstein’s Pop Art, Collage, Sculpture, and mixed medium.  The art goal is to provide a well-rounded curriculum that develops and excites student’s natural artistic abilities.

IMG_0194K-5 Music

Elementary Music as Saint Susanna uses the music curriculum entitled “Music Play.”  The students learn movement, rhythms, melodies and many other music skills by engaging in fun and active songs.  The curriculum also supports the National Standards for Music Education as well as reemphasizes the Math, English, and  other subjects students learn in their core classes. The students perform 2-4 times per year.


Middle School Music

The middle school music curriculum at St. Susanna is based on the Indiana Academic Standard for Music and the Archdiocese Standard for Music. We also follow the National Standards for Music Education. Our students are given opportunities to experience and express music through music listening, singing, movement, playing instruments and improvising. Middle school students engage in creative activities in the classroom, presenting short performances alone or with others. Students are involved in the different musical programs celebrating our friends and family, honoring our veterans, and the Christmas program. They also present the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday which the school and church families are welcome to attend. Middle school students are introduced to famous composers and their music as well as music artists of different genres. This year, the 6th graders will experience the live performance of the Purdue Christmas Show.


The Saint Susanna Band is a performing group in which 5- 8 grade students learn to play an instrument.  Each student is tested on several instruments (usually in fourth grade) to make sure they choose the best instrument for them.  Private lessons are available for students who really want to excel at their instrument. Band is one of the few activities that uses both sides of the brain at the same time.  Learning to play an  instrument has been proven to improve overall test scores. The band performs 6-8 times per year and participates in the Annual CYO music contest where the band has received a Superior placing the past five years.  90 % of the students who play a solo or ensemble at the CYO music contest also receive a Superior rating.

Physical Education

Our goal in Physical Education at Saint Susanna School is to develop the whole child; physically, mentally, socially and emotionally within a safe learning environment.  We provide the students the opportunities to engage in various activities with the focus of developing and reinforcing flexibility, muscular strength/endurance and cardio-respiratory endurance.  Activities are also planned and designed to develop perceptual motor skills, gross loco-motor movements, manipulative skills, social and emotional skills, cooperative skills, competitive skills, and good sportsmanship.  We provide students many activities that they can participate in at home and for a lifetime.

Some Activities and Sports in Physical Education

  • Cooperative games and activities

  • Soccer

  • Football activities

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Parachute activities

  • Scooter activities, scooter hockey

  • Line dance and Zumba

  • Motor skills and movement:  hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping

  • Jogging and Running

  • Field Day activities

  • Speed ball

  • Ultimate Frisbee / KanJam