Safe & Sacred Program

SAS_logo_greySafe and Sacred Program

Beginning on August 1, 2013, the Archdiocese of Indianapolis mandated that all individuals over the age of 18 (clergy, employees, volunteers, parents, relatives, and friends) who had contact with our students must have completed the VIRTUS Program prior to the first day of ministry, work, or volunteer service.  In early 2014, those participants were re-certified with the current program now called Safe and Sacred.

Your Safe and Sacred Program Completion Certificate must be on file at St. Susanna for you to volunteer in any capacity (classroom activities, field trips, athletic events, etc) within the school.  New parents are encouraged to complete this program as soon as possible since it takes several days for paperwork to process; don’t wait until it is time to attend a field trip or volunteer event to begin the Safe & Sacred Program training.  The program certification expires every 3 years.  Individuals will receive an email notification to retake the course in order to provide a refresher on what they learned as well as additional information on how to keep children safe.  Criminal history re-checks will also be processed every 3 years with course completion.

The Safe and Sacred link takes you to the home page where you will register by providing your email address and choosing a password. You will then be able to view the website and complete the training which should take about 45 minutes.  It is available in English and Spanish and a paper copy is also available upon request.  The program consists of 2-3 minute videos, informational slides, and personal stories. You will be asked to answer competency questions at the completion of the video.

There are three parts of the program as listed below:

  • Safe and Sacred training (replaces VIRTUS)      This program is designed to increase one’s awareness of and recognition of the signs of child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, child emotional abuse, and child neglect. It also provides information on reporting procedures and requirements.

  • Background Check      This is required to screen sex offenders from participating in ministries with children.

  • Code of Conduct Form      This form describes the conduct required of all people working with children, both employees and volunteers.

Please note that all three aspects of this program must be completed!    Access to all three are provided on the Safe and Sacred link.  Questions regarding the program may be directed to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, Human Resource Office, at (317) 236-1594, (800) 382-9836, ext 1594, or

Since August 2013, over 30,000 people in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis have completed the Safe & Sacred Program.
There are several improvements to this program which have been made since the program’s onset.  Effective October 19, 2014, people who take the course must fill out the background check section and have a completed background check prior to issuance of a certificate.  They will no longer be able to print a certificate immediately after taking the course, but will receive an email message usually within 2-3 days to let them know that their certificate is ready.  This change was made to ensure that certificates would only be issued after background checks were complete.

Are you in compliance?

School families may email Kandi Carson at or may check with the school receptionist desk in inquire about your completion dates.

Additional Documents Required to Drive Students on Field Trips

IF you plan to drive on any field trips, you must also have a valid Auto Insurance Policy expiration date  and a Driver’s License expiration date listed in PowerSchool. You must submit a copy of your insurance policy declaration page or a copy of your insurance card and a copy of your driver’s license for this information to be updated.  Please email your information to Kandi Carson at or provide this information to your child’s teacher so that our records may be updated in ample time for the upcoming field trip.  This information is entered into our PowerSchool database and updated as new information is provided.