Tuition & Fees

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The tiered tuition schedule at Saint Susanna School is designed to recognize families who actively participate in their Catholic parish through mass attendance, offering of time and talents, and financial support.  Families are asked to be active and support their Catholic parish and faith community since a portion of the cost of educating a student, above tuition dollars, comes through parish funding.

To qualify for the Parishioner Tuition Rate, a family must be officially registered at St. Susanna parish or another Catholic Parish.  Non-parish families’ tuition rate is reflective of the actual cost to educate the student without subsidy from the parish.

Tuition Amounts

Tuition is determined annually upon recommendation by the Parish Finance Committee and School Commission.  For parishioner and non-parishioner families with more than one child attending St Susanna School, multi-child discounts will apply for full-time students according to the Current Tuition Schedule.

2017-2018 Tuition & Fees Schedule

Please note:  Tuition & Fees Schedule for the upcoming school year will not be finalized by the School Commission and Finance Committee until mid to late Spring when enrollment projections for the upcoming school year are available.  Please use the current tuition & fees schedule as an estimate.

Policy for Payment of Tuition

Tuition payments are made online through our tuition management company, FACTS. All school families are offered 2 payment plans:
• A one-time paid-in-full option may be selected. This payment is due in July and the tuition portion of the payment will be discounted 4%. All other fees are billed at no discount and are due at the time of the July payment.
• Monthly Payments through FACTS are automatically drafted on the 5th or 20th of each month, beginning in July and continuing through the following June.
Payment of tuition and fees is expected to occur according to the agreed payment plan through FACTS.  Late fees may be assessed according to parish policy.

Learn more about FACTS


The success of Saint Susanna School is dependent upon all of us; and, it is expected that we give of our time, our talents, and our treasure.

Time: All school families are asked to contribute to the service of the school each year.
Talent: All school families are asked to share their talents in support of all children attending St. Susanna School.
Treasure: All school families are asked to contribute to the financial support of our school.  All school families are asked to support the annual  fall Jamboree and the spring Signature Event/Auction, in particular, as well as other fundraising opportunities.