Grades & Attendance

If you have more than one student associated with your parent account, use the student tabs that appear in the black navigation bar under the PowerSchool Logo to select the student for which you want to view information.

Grades and Attendance

There are two tabs which appear at the top of the Grades & Attendance Page:

Grades and Attendance:  The Grades and Attendance page displays comprehensive information about a student’s grades and attendance for the current term (and final grades for previous terms). The legend at the bottom of the page displays the attendance codes and their meanings.  Quarter Grades provide a snapshot of your students overall grades throughout the Quarter which result in a final grade at the end of Quarter.  Both a letter grade (Grades 3-6 ABCDF or Grades K-2 OSNU) and a percentage appear.

You may click on the blue Letter Grade & Percentage to drill down to see all of the graded assignments that make up the quarterly grade.

  1. Click a grade in the term column to view assignment details. The Class Score Detail page appears.
  2. Click an assignment under the Assignment column. The Assignment Description page appears.
  3. Use the browser Back button to return to the Grades and Attendance page.

You may email the teacher directly by clicking on the Email teacher name which appears under the subject.  Grades are updated regularly throughout the quarter.

Final Quarter Grades also appear in the left column under “Grade History”

Attendance is taken each day in Homeroom.  If your child has been absent or tardy, you may click on the number in the Absences column to view the absent or tardy dates for this term.  Attendance for the current week and the past week appear at the bottom of the page.  Note that Absences are show with the number of occurrences of absence…which means that if a child is absent 1 day and 2 half days…it will show as 3 occurrences of absence rather than 2 full days absent.  We report the actual days absent of 2 to the state.


Standards Grades:

The Standards Grades tab on the Grades and Attendance page displays information about a student’s standards grades and comments for the current term. Grades may be posted and may appear throughout the Quarter and may change as progress is shown OR they may only be posted at the end of the Quarter based on your teacher’s grading preference. Standards are graded using the OSNU (Outstanding, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory) Scale.  Standard Grades appear for all core subjects in Grades K-2Standard Grades appear for the course-Personal Development-in Grades 3-5.  Standard Grades do not apply for Middle School (GR 6-8) students.

A list of all Current Courses appear on the Standards Grades Page.  If a Course has a Standard attached, you will notice a black triangle to the left of the course name.  Click the triangle to drop down or click the “Expand All” at the top right to see a list of Standards and their associated OSNU grade.  Remember this grade is a snapshot at the present time with a goal of improvement as skills are mastered throughout the Quarter and School Year.