My Energy Kit Challenge

UPDATE:  As of 11/17/2017, we have registered 25 people for free kits—we need 100 people registered to receive our $250 credit. Help our school and register for your free kit ASAP.  Thanks!

Our school has the opportunity to win $2,500, and do its part in saving the planet!  We’re participating in a five-state energy conservation program form Duke Energy, and through this program, our families and staff can request a FREE Energy Kit to be delivered to their homes.  For every 100 kit requests from our school, we’ll automatically win $250. 00 and the school that requests the most kits by December 31st will win $2,500!  Please help us out and request your FREE kit!  Go to or call 1-855-386-9548.

Yes, you can fill out the request if you did last year; but you cannot get a FREE energy kit if you have received one in the last 36 months.  Our school will still get credit toward the $250 if you send in the request or call.   Yes, your family members or neighbors may send in the request and we will get the credit for our school, if they designate Saint Susanna School on the card or online.   If you are not a Duke Energy customer, you may still request the kit.  You may not receive all of the items from the kit but you will receive some item or items free and our school will get credit toward the $250 dollars.  It is a wonderful way to support Saint Susanna school and help with Energy conservation.

Our Saint Susanna students, Pre-K -Grade 5 will see a program at school next Wednesday about Energy conservation that is provided free by Duke Energy.

Thank you for your support.

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