Extended Day Ministry (EDM)

photo(1)St. Susanna Extended Day Ministry (EDM) – Before and After Care

Morning Staff – Mrs. Castro, Ms. Flanigan, Mrs. Beck

Afternoon Staff – Mrs. Cutshall (director), Ms. Mallatt (receptionist), Mrs. Brown, aide (TBA)


EDM provides a safe, supervised environment for enrolled St. Susanna Students before and after regularly-scheduled school days.

  • Morning hours are 7:00am – 8:00am.
  • Afternoon hours are 3:30pm – 6:00pm.
  • Extended Care opens @ 8:00am when a 2-hour Delay is in place.


Extended Day may be used daily or occasionally.  All registered Saint Susanna school age students, preschool through eighth grades, may use the Extended Day Ministry, Monday through Friday.  There is no enrollment process necessary.



Students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times in order to provide a safe environment for all children.  We ask that parents support the rules of EDM and expect their children to behave appropriately.


  1. All St. Susanna School and playground rules apply during EDM, including no cell phone or personal electronic use and no toys from home.
  2. Mulch, sticks, rocks or any other items must stay on the ground.
  3. Fighting and wrestling are not allowed.
  4. Swearing and talking back to adults is not allowed.
  5. Always stay where the EDM staff can see you.
  6. Children must stay in EDM space.  Children may not enter hallways or classrooms without permission from an adult.


First Offense:  Student will sit out for up to 10 minutes (depending on age) to refocus.  Incident will be written on BLUE paper and discussed with parent at pick up.

Second Offense:  Student will sit out for up to 20 minutes (depending on age).  Incident will be written on YELLOW paper and discussed with parent at pick up.

*Third Offense:  Student will sit in receptionist office and parent called.  Incident will be written on PINK paper.  Parent and student will meet with principal.  Additional restrictions may be decided.

Fourth Offense:  Student will sit in receptionist office and parent called.  Incident will be written on PINK paper.  Parent and student will meet with principal.  Student will not be able to attend the next EDM day.

Fifth Offense:  Student will sit in receptionist office and parent called.  Incident will be written on PINK paper.  Parent and student will meet with principal. Student may be suspended from EDM program for remainder of Quarter, Semester, or School year, as determined by the principal.

*A single, serious offense (ie – physical violence toward another student, bullying behavior, harassment, defiant disrespect toward an adult, etc) could result in immediate suspension or exclusion from EDM for a day or longer.




  • Morning – Children must be signed into EDM upon entering the building. Parents may walk children in to help get them settled.


  • Afternoon – Students not picked up in carpool will be signed into EDM, as all students must be supervised. Charges are incurred beginning at 3:30pm.  ANY enrolled child under the supervision of EDM Staff will be signed in to EDM.
    • Students not picked up following an after-school club, tutoring, or event will be signed into EDM unless supervised by a staff member. Charges begin immediately.
    • Children sent to EDM because a parent is attending a meeting or volunteering in a classroom must be signed into EDM. Charges begin immediately.



  • Please be sure to maintain a current school Emergency Contact Sheet and correct contact information, as EDM utilizes this information if we need to contact you while your child is in our care.


  • Parent or designated adult must sign child out prior to child being released from EDM. This ensures child safety and accurate billing. Failure to sign child out may result in being charged for entire After School session.  Please do not pick up child from playground without signing out in office first.


  • Parents will be called to verify release of child to someone who is not on official pick-up list. Such individuals may be asked to show ID before child is released.


  • If a parent is NOT allowed to pick up a child from EDM, that information must be specifically noted on Emergency Contact Sheet and legal documentation on file at the school. Without such documentation, we may release child to either parent.


  • Please do not attempt to leave through the back gate when children in EDM are on the playground. This creates a safety hazard for our children.


Afternoon Schedule:

3:30 — 4:00  Physical Activity, Centers, or Homework–student choice

4:00 – 4:15  Snack (there is an additional charge for snack).  Each child is responsible for cleaning up.

4:15 — 4:30  Physical Activity, Centers, or Homework–student choice

4:30 – 5:15  Homework (students may stay in homework room until 6:00pm, if they choose) OR official physical activity (inside or out)

5:15 – 6:00  Misc. activity (ie – craft, movie, games, etc.) and clean up


Breakfast is offered before school and snacks are offered after school.  The cost for breakfast is $.70 and consists of cereal or a breakfast item.  The cost for snack is also $.70 and includes one food item, ex:  pretzels, pudding, granola bars or applesauce. Double snack servings may be purchased for $1.40.  Milk or Juice may be purchased individually for $.50.  Parents are welcome to send breakfast or snack with their child to eat at the designated time in the designated space.



A $15.00 registration fee per family will be assessed to your account on the first day your child attends EDM each school year.

Daily fees are assessed on an hourly basis at $5 per hour for the first child attending in a family and $1 per hour for the remaining siblings attending at the same time.

A $1 per minute charge per child will apply if children are not picked up by 6:00pm.


Charges are pro-rated to the nearest quarter-hour.  Emailed statements are typically sent bi-monthly, but their distribution may be slightly altered by academic quarter breaks, holidays, and scheduled vacation breaks.  You do not need to wait until you receive your statement to make a payment; payments will be credited as received and will offset any balances owed on your account.  All EDM accounts must be paid in full by the end of the academic quarter to avoid a late fee and loss of the privilege of using the EDM program.