Extended Day Ministry (EDM)

photo(1)At Saint Susanna School, the Extended Day Ministry provides a safe environment for children during non-school hours and provides a worry-free service for parents.  Students remain with classmates with a similar value system and are able to experience an enjoyable time within a secure atmosphere.

Extended Day may be used daily or occasionally.  All registered Saint Susanna school age students, preschool through eighth grades, may use the Extended Day Ministry, Monday through Friday.  There is no enrollment process necessary.  The $15.00 registration fee per family will be assessed to your account on the first day your child attends EDM each school year.  Daily fees are assessed on an hourly basis at $5 per hour for the first child attending in a family and $1 per hour for the remaining siblings attending at the same time.  A $1 per minute charge per child will apply if children are not picked up by 6:00pm.  Charges are pro-rated to the nearest quarter-hour.  Emailed statements are typically sent bi-monthly but their distribution may be slightly altered by academic quarter breaks, holidays, and scheduled vacation breaks.  You do not need to wait until you receive your statement to make a payment; payments will be credited as received and will offset any balances owed on your account.  All EDM accounts must be paid in full by the end of the academic quarter to avoid a late fee and loss of the privilege of using the EDM program.

Breakfast is offered before school and snacks are offered after school.  The cost for breakfast is $.70 and consists of cereal or a breakfast item.  The cost for snack is also $.70 and includes one food item, ex:  pretzels, pudding, granola bars or applesauce. Double snack servings may be purchased for $1.40.  Milk or Juice may be purchased individually for $.50.

Your child may not bring personal items to Extended Day such as I-pods, cell phones, game boys, Pokémon cards, CD players, etc.  Personal items, such as these, will be placed in the office and must be picked up by a parent should they be brought to EDM.

Study hall is mandatory for children in grades 4-8 and optional for grades 1-3.  If your child is in grades 4-8 and has no homework, this will be an opportunity for your child to complete his/her AR reading between 3:15pm and 3:45pm.  A homework room is available to all students after snack has been served.  We encourage children to take advantage of the opportunity to complete their work while still at school, however, please understand that it is not the responsibility of the daycare staff to check for homework completeness.

IMG_6350Please let us know of any changes in the normal pick up routine.  This must be done with a written note, dated with signature, and include a phone number where you may be reached.

Please be sure to maintain a current school Emergency Contact Sheet and correct contact information, as EDM utilizes this information if we need to contact you while your child is in our care.

Extended Care is a childcare service for students when their class is not in session.  We are open from 7am to 8am and 3:30pm to 6:00pm on school days.

Extended Care opens @ 8:00am when a 2-hour Delay is in place.  All St. Susanna School rules and policies apply to Extended Care.