School Safety & Carpool


Campus Safety

St. Susanna School is located in a family-friendly small town of Plainfield, Indiana. All school doors are locked during school hours and monitored by video surveillance.   Each visitor must be visually identified by office staff and must check in and out at the entrance Reception Office.  The receptionist will announce your arrival to the appropriate party.   A Visitor Pass must be worn at all time while visiting the school and must be returned upon leaving.  Your assistance is invaluable in this effort to keep our students safe.

After school hours any children not registered in daycare must be accompanied by an adult including to and from private lessons and tutoring.  All children entering the school building on Saturday and Sunday must be accompanied by an adult.  All clubs and organizations are expected to leave the room in the same condition as found.  Siblings are to remain in the room with the club/organization and not running around freely and unsupervised.  Clubs/Organizations please schedule the room with the school receptionist or schedule with the church if the event is after 6PM or will occur on the weekends.





Morning Dropoff

Cars should enter the parking lot via the East entrance off US 40 (horseshoe). Turn left at the garage, and drive around the outer perimeter of the parking lot.  Turn right midway back and drive just north of the light pole and orange cones, forming a single-file line circling back toward the school.  Stop where indicated by staff.  Students in cars facing east and parallel to the school facing north may quickly exit their cars once they pass the posted “exit beginning here” sign and enter the building through doors #4 or #5. Please follow the directions of all staff on duty.

Please do not park and walk your child in unless you need to help carry something into the building. In that case, park in regular spaces and walk in with your child using the crosswalk. Again, please follow directions of all staff on duty.  Please be particularly watchful as construction may be occurring throughout this school year.

Afternoon Pickup

The gate at the northeast corner of our parking lot is operational and we are able to use it for EXIT ONLY during dismissal from school. 

We ask that you arrive BEFORE 3:15pm for dismissal for carpool.  Please clearly display your family name on the annual parking tag (additional tags available at receptionist window) in your car’s windshield to assist staff with the release of your child. Please do not park your car and walk into the building to pick up your child.  Please follow Carpool guidelines and the direction of staff on duty.  Remain in your car. On the rare occasions when it is not possible for participation in the caravan to take place, plans should be made to sign the involved child(ren) out by 3:00 p.m. so that there will be no congestion caused by foot traffic in the parking lot.  If a student’s transportation plans are changed, a note or email to the teacher informing the school of the new arrangements or a phone call to the school receptionist (317-839-3713) should be made.  This includes students who will be picked up by individuals other than the immediate family if this is normally the expected procedure.  After the students are dismissed, students who have not yet been picked up are sent to the Extended Day program where they are signed in upon arrival. Parents will be billed for participation in this program.  Students are not to request to wait at another location.

Members of St. Susanna’s Safety Committee and representatives from the Plainfield Police Department have examined this procedure and have determined that it is safe and practical.  The most important elements to this process are that everyone is PATIENT and FOLLOWS DIRECTIONS OF THE STAFF ON DUTY.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding Carpool Dismissal Procedures, please contact the school principal, Michele Tillery, at

Download/Print Carpool Procedure Map


Download Half-Day Preschool/PreKindergarten Pickup Map