Principal Notes 01/14/2018

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Dear Parents,

Tomorrow – Monday, January 15 – is our make-up day for our unexpected day off last Friday.  We will run a regular Monday schedule for everyone.  I understand that this is short notice, but with so much of winter ahead of us, I didn’t want to let a snow make-up day go by!  I apologize for any inconvenience these schedule changes have caused.  Please know that I do not make these decisions lightly, and I do take the safety of our children as my number 1 priority.  Thank you for understanding, and I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

(Note:  There is a bit of snow in the forecast for tonight into tomorrow morning.  I will check things out in the morning to make sure that Hendricks County officials feel that travel is safe. If conditions are not safe, I will send an email and text before 6:00am, just as I did on Friday. Please use caution while driving.  Be safe!)

Our focus for the month of January is Patience. This matches well with the Habit “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”. The obvious application is listening to someone before speaking.  Sometimes we get in such a hurry to say what is on our minds that we don’t listen to those around us.  We can learn so much more about situations and the ideas of others if we just take the time to listen.  By learning everything we can about a situation before reacting to it, we can make sure our response is appropriate.

Carpool is a great time to exercise some patience.  I know that it can sometimes seem to take so long waiting in drop-off line, but the few extra minutes make the difference between creating a safe situation and a dangerous one.  Sometimes children – especially small ones – take a little extra time getting out of the car.  They can swing doors wide open and run out or let a dog escape the car (both have happened this school year!). Keep our carpool line safe, and please DO NOT PASS other cars in the carpool line.  Thank you!

Sparty Party Trivia Night is a fun adult night of trivia and games.  Are you good at trivia?  Do you know which celebrities are still living… or not?  Grab 7 friends, and join us on Saturday, January 27 for a great time!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

*Reminder:  Please do not allow your child to wear non-uniform items, unless it is a specific alternate dress day.  Uniform policy is found HERE.  Thank you for your help!

Reminder:  The following dates in second semester will be 1:00 pm dismissal times:  January 24, February 15, April 24, and May 15.  This time will be used for teachers to meet and plan together. Extended Daycare Ministry (EDM) will be available immediately following dismissal on those dates until 6:00 pm.  We also have a 1:00 pm dismissal on March 30 for Good Friday.

Open House: Thank you to everyone who attended our successful open house yesterday!  Our student ambassadors did a great job giving tours and welcoming new families. It was great to see so many familiar – and new – faces!  Thank you to all the teachers and staff members who worked hard to get the classrooms and building ready for this event!  Our Teacher Lighthouse team of Mrs. Abdoulaye, Mrs. Greene, Mrs. Rosich, Sr. Merrita, Mrs. Roundtree, Mr. Dutcher, and Mrs. Authenrieth did a great job planning and organizing this event.  Way to let your lights shine!

School Updates:  Did you check out the “new” restrooms in the 3rd/4th hallway?  The terrazzo floors were refinished, and our Tuesday Night Guys, led by Mr. Wally Carr, installed new cabinets, sinks, mirrors, toilets, and stall dividers.  It really looks amazing!  A huge “thank you” to our team of talented volunteers!

2018-19 School Calendar:  The following are important dates for 2018-19:

First Day: Wed, Aug 8

Fall Break: Oct 12 – 19

Teacher In-service: Oct 29-30

Thanksgiving: Nov 21-23

Christmas Break: December 21 – January 4

Spring Break: March 22 – 29

Last Day: May 30

Student News: Check out the stylish new hairdo on PreK student Lillian Barnes!  Over Christmas break, she donated over 10 inches of her hair to “Wigs 4 Kids”, a non-profit organization that makes wigs for children ages 3 – 18, providing them with new hair, new hope, and a chance to be themselves. Thank you for letting your light shine, Lillian!  Even our prekindergarten students can be leaders!

Do you have any good news to share?  Anything our students or graduates have accomplished?  Please let me know how students and graduates are letting their lights shine!

Calendar:  January


14:  10:00 – 11:30am Open House

15:  Make-Up Snow Day – Dr. MLK Holiday

18:  7:00pm School Commission Meeting

24:  1:00pm Dismissal

25:  Candid/Club Photos

25:  1st Reconciliation

27:  Sparty Party Trivia Night – Bring a team of smarties, choose a fun theme, and enjoy an adult night out!

28:  Catholic Schools Week


What Every Parent Needs to Know About Child Development: Thursday, February 8; 6:30pm. Did you know that at certain ages, a child’s brain goes through growth stages that can impact behavior, attitude, and learning? Find out about these stages and how you can help your child navigate through them.

Mad Hatter Auction: Saturday, March 3.   Support our Parish’s commitment to Catholic Education by attending this fun St. Susanna signature event! Raffle, dinner, live and silent auction are all included.  Don’t miss this very important date!  Tickets are on sale now!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

God bless,