Principal Notes 02/11/2018

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Dear Parents,

Children learn the most about appropriate behavior from watching the actions of trusted adults.  We all have busy schedules and stressful lives, but children can’t comprehend that.  They can only relate to our actions and what they see us do.  Please make sure to follow carpool safety guidelines, such as not passing other cars and dropping children off in designated areas only.  By watching adults follow rules and guidelines and being polite to school staff, they will understand the importance of being respectful and following rules.  Our positive examples will teach them to be good Christian citizens!

Have you see our video from Catholic Schools Week? It’s posted on the St. Susanna School website. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Reminder:  Our next 1:00pm Dismissal will be February 15.  Extended Daycare Ministry (EDM) will be available immediately following dismissal until 6:00 pm.

Reminder:  Students are allowed to have water bottles during class; however, if they become a distraction or threat to technology, teachers may manage how the bottles are kept in the classroom and may limit access. Water bottles are not a necessity; we have water fountains throughout the school, and children may get drinks there as needed. Students may have only CLEAR water in the bottle – no other liquids (Kool-aid, soda, juice, tea, Gatorade, etc.) or drink mixes may be brought in (documented medical needs would be the only exception). Thank you for your support!

2018-19 Enrollment is now open!  Click HERE to access the current student re-enrollment form.  If you also have a child who will enter St. Susanna School for the first time next year, please follow the link on the re-enrollment page. Please complete this form so we can make appropriate arrangements for classes for next year!

Did you know…. St. Susanna School provides Spanish classes to PreK through 8th grade students. Research indicates that learning a second language at a young age promotes better problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It also enhances creativity and memory.  All of these benefits lead to improved academic performance!

2018-19 School Calendar:

The following are important dates for 2018-19:

First Day: Wed, Aug 8

Fall Break: Oct 12 – 19

Teacher In-service: Oct 29-30

Thanksgiving: Nov 21-23

Christmas Break: December 21 – January 4

Spring Break: March 22 – 29

Last Day: May 30

Spartan Spirit Awards – For week of February 5: Owen Gessner, Sonja Helbert, Kendell Ohaya, Drew McClellan, Zachary Birge, Tenton Cutshall.  Keep letting your lights shine!

Do you have any good news to share?  Anything our students or graduates have accomplished?  Please let me know how students and graduates are letting their lights shine!


12:  STAR testing week

14:  Ash Wednesday (8:45am mass – Please join us!)

15:  1:00pm Dismissal; 7:00pm School Commission

16:  No School: Flex Day

19:  No School : President’s Day

26:  ISTEP+, Part I begins for grades 3 – 8.


Mad Hatter Auction: Saturday, March 3.   Support our Parish’s commitment to Catholic Education by attending this fun St. Susanna signature event! Raffle, dinner, live and silent auction are all included.  Don’t miss this very important date!  Tickets are on sale now… and are going fast!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Cyber Safety Presentation: Monday, April 2 @ 6:30 pm.  Join us as Sargent Todd Knowles from Plainfield Police Department shares insight and information that every parent needs to have in order to keep their children safe on the Internet.  Our children use computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices every day.  With the right knowledge, we can help keep our kids safe!  (Student presentation will occur on Tuesday, April 3.)

God bless,