Principal Notes 08/13/2017

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Dear Parents,

We will begin our first full week of school tomorrow.  We welcome our youngest kiddos to preschool and prekindergarten tomorrow!  Please be VERY cautious when entering the parking lot, as excited students will be present.  Watch for our little ones!

Due to some unforeseen delays, the parking lot has not yet been striped. This means that there are no parking spots on the new section; however, cones have been set up to indicate where the parking spots align with the spots marked in the older section.  We have also set up cones to mark off the carpool line. Again, please drive carefully!

Staff will park in the sections SOUTH of the cone line, leaving the north part for drop off and dismissal.  Please follow the CARPOOL PROCEDURES.  Any parents who would like to park and walk your child in for their first day of preschool or PreK, please park in the rows South of the cones closest to the school.  Please be very careful when crossing traffic, as it will be crowded.

Parent Packets were handed out at the Eat N Greet on Saturday.  If you did not pick up your packet, they were distributed to homerooms on Friday.  The packets contain a lot of important information, including your NEW 2017-18 Carpool tag.  Please be sure to display this tag from your rear view mirror to help make dismissal flow more smoothly.  There are also several other important items, some of which need to be signed and returned to us, including volunteer opportunities.  Please be sure to turn these in this week!

Back to School Night is Wednesday, August 16 beginning in Zore Hall at 6:30pm.  We will begin with a presentation on “The Leader in Me”.  Has your child come home discussing habits?  Being Proactive or putting First Things First?  If not, they soon will!  Find out how being a Leader in Me school will benefit your child and help him/her develop the skills necessary for success!

You will also have the opportunity to visit your children’s classrooms, where teachers will share information and expectations for the year. Teachers will also provide information on ways you can be involved and earn some volunteer hours. This night is intended for parents only.  Don’t miss this important night!

Change in visitor procedures:  We encourage families to be involved in our school!  In an effort to improve the welcoming atmosphere of St. Susanna School while still maintaining the safety of our students, we have made some changes to our visitor policy.  We have a booklet of new stick-on badges. When visiting, we ask that you sign in with your name, the date, and time, then peel and wear the stick-on badge during your visit.  Please prearrange your visit with your child’s teacher to avoid interrupting a test, rest time, presentation, or lesson.  The receptionist may call the teacher to make sure he/she is ready for you.  If the visitor is not recognized, the emergency card and/or ID may be checked to make sure that person is able to access the classroom.

Please do NOT allow your child to bring a cell phone, iPad, toys, or other such personal items to school.  These cause distractions and could be lost or broken.  It is almost impossible for us to monitor what students see/hear/play on their personal devises.  Children will not be allowed to play with or use these items during school, Extended Day Ministry (EDM), or after school activities supervised by school staff.  If a child needs to call home, he/she will be able to ask permission to do so.  If you need to get ahold of your child during the day, please leave a message with the receptionist or email the teacher.  Thank you for your cooperation!

The 2017-18 Student and Parent Handbook is posted online.  Please access HERE for updated information and expectations.  Please note that in the uniform policy, Skirts should be Knee-lengthShorts should be finger-tip or longer.  Working together will ensure a great year!

A “new” free or reduced lunch application must be filled out, signed and turned in no later than August 25, 2017, in order for your student(s) to be eligible for free or reduced lunch for the 2017-2018 school year.   If you were approved for free or reduced lunch for 2016-2017, you must fill out a new application to be eligible for the 2017-2018 school year. Link to application is HERE or you may request a hard copy from Ms. Crews (

If you ever have any questions, or if your child comes home with a story that doesn’t sound quite right, please contact the teacher or staff member to ask about the situation.  Sometimes a child’s perspective of a situation is not always as it seems. It is best to get clarification now before a small situation becomes a big problem.  Remember, we all have the same goal for your child to succeed!

God bless,