Principal Notes 09/10/2017

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Dear Parents,

What does it mean to be Good?  When we discuss Goodness as a Fruit of the Holy Spirit, it refers to fulfilling one’s destiny.  A good student, for instance, is one who does homework and studies for tests.  A good driver is one who follows the posted speed limit and is not involved in accidents.  Habit #2 for The Leader in Me is “Begin with the End in Mind”.  When we do things to be “good”, we keep that focus in mind.  What is it that we are trying to accomplish?  That is our “end”.  Our actions and our decisions support our goals.

Habit #3 is “Putting First Things First” and is associated with Self-Control.  People who exercise self-control spend time on important things and think before acting or speaking.  Students are learning to prioritize projects, set a schedule, and stick to it.   2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather of power and love and self-control.” God gave us the freedom to choose our actions; self-control helps us think and make the right choices.

Students to Students: We have all witnessed horrifying footage of the devastating floods and damage left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  People in the Houston area have lost homes and possessions, and the recovery process will take many months.  For children, they have also lost an important part of their childhood – their schools.  The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) has launched a campaign to rally families of Catholic schools around the country to help Catholic Schools impacted by the storm to rebuild, reopen, and re-enroll students.  This Friday, September 15 will be St. Susanna’s “Student to Student Jeans and Lone Stars” Day.  We ask everyone to donate at least $1 per child for your child to wear jeans and red, white, and blue (the colors of both the Texan and American Flags). Let’s show the Catholic Schools in the Lone Star State that they are not alone!

St. Susanna School will again be participating in the Quaker Day Parade this year on Saturday, September 23 at 10:00am.  Your St. Susanna K – 8th grade student may choose to participate.  A permission slip will be coming home this week in backpack mail.  All of the information needed is found on the permission slip.  Please return these permission slips by Tuesday, September 19 to Mr. Dutcher.  Every student will need to return a permission slip in order to participate.  A parent will need to sign each child in before the parade begins and sign them out once the parade ends.  Parents are encouraged to walk the parade route with the students, if you desire.

NEEDED:  We will need a 15 – 20 foot trailer with hay bales and something to pull it with.  If you have such a trailer and vehicle that could be used please let Mr. Dutcher know.  This trailer will allow the kindergarten students to ride on the wagon instead of walking the two-mile parade route.  If we do not get a trailer Kindergarten students may not be able to participate, as they will not be able to walk the route.

ALSO NEEDEDCandy to throw along the parade route.  The candy cannot be hard and must be individually wrapped (ie – Laffy Taffy, Smarties, gummies, gum, etc).  Please bring in any bags of candy you wish to donate to school from now until Wednesday, September 20.  If you have any questions please contact Mr. Dutcher at

“Hard as Nails” Ministry is coming to St. Susanna School on Wednesday, September 27. The goal of this event is stressing the importance of each individual in God’s world, acknowledging that God gave each person gifts to share. We invite everyone to a family bonding event that evening – Wednesday, September 27 – at 6:30pmClick here for a preview.

The Annual Jamboree and Chili Cook-Off is coming Saturday, September 30!  Raffle Tickets were sent home, and we ask for each family to sell AT LEAST 5 Drawdown Raffle tickets at $20 each.  The top prize in the raffle is $4,000!  Any tickets that you do not sell or purchase must be returned to the school office so they may be redistributed.

Funds raised from this event help provide teachers with items to enhance their teaching as well as a special teacher appreciation lunch.  It also provides new books for our school library.  Contributing to the Teacher Wish List will provide special items your child’s teacher would love to have to make your child’s school experience special.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend the Jamboree on September 30!

Spartan Spirit Awards:  Week of September 4 recipients:  Porter Prather, Bridget Watt, Geet Madiredii, Elizabeth Taylor, Jessica Kaur, Cole Walters.  Keep letting your light shine!

CYO basketball has been a long-standing tradition at St. Susanna.  Registration is now open for high school boys and girls and grade school boys’ basketball.  Participants need to register on the St. Susanna CYO web page by September 27 to guarantee participation.  For more information, contact Rick Rosner at

The St. Susanna School Cafeteria is offering up some yummy food!  Click here to learn about the choices your child has for lunch.


Sept 13 – 2:00pm Dismissal (EDM available)

Sept 14 – Accreditation Visit (a team of principals and teachers from schools throughout the Indianapolis Archdiocese will be visiting St. Susanna School.)

Sept 15 – “Student to Student Jeans and Lone Stars” Day (Donation of at least $1)

Sept 20 – 22 – 5th – 8th grade to Bradford Woods

Sept 23 – Plainfield Quaker Day Parade and Festival

Sept 27 – “Hard as Nails” You’re Amazing! Presentations

Sept 30 – Jamboree and Chili Cook-Off

October 2 – Friends and Family Day – Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Neighbors are invited to a special musical program, book fair, and mass.  Come for the Jamboree and stay for Friends and Family Day!  A detailed schedule will be sent this week.

God bless,