Principal Notes 10/08/2017

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Dear Parents,

During the month of October, students will focus on Habit # 3 “Putting First Things First”.  An important aspect of this habit is “saying no to things I know I should not do”, which is why we stress Self-Control with this habit.  Everything we do is a series of choices.  God gave each of us the free will to decide how we will react to situations, but He also gave us the choice of how to treat other people.  If I know that someone will get upset if I talk about a particular topic, it’s my choice whether I bring that sensitive issue up or decide to avoid it to spare that person’s feelings.  Our children need to remember this, too.  They need to avoid “pushing each other’s buttons” and focus on being Christ for one another.  If they all do that, imagine how kind and supportive our classrooms will be!  THAT is what we are called to do!

Living Rosary:  Saint Susanna students selected from kindergarten through 8th grade will form a living rosary this Friday, October 13 @ 9:30am in Zore Hall.  All students will participate, and all families are invited to join us.  Thank you to Sr. Merritta for organizing!

Carpool Reminders:  Please refrain from smoking in carpool pick up lines.  We have several students and parents with respiratory issues, and they cannot be around the smoke.  I’ve noticed many of you are shutting off your engines as you wait for students to be released.  THANK YOU for your consideration of others!

Please do not block cars who may need to exit around the north end of the parking lot as you wait for carpool.  We should not have more than 10 cars in any row.  Once we begin dismissing cars, we empty the lot in about 3-4 minutes.

Picture Makeup Day is Monday, November 6th at 8:30 a.m.  New students and those who were absent on the first picture day will be photographed for the yearbook at that time.

For students who were already photographed and want retakes, a parent must call DMH Photographics (prior to makeup day) to discuss the reason for retakes and add your name to the list – 317.838.0921.  Please see their website – for their complete retake policy.

Spartan Spirit Awards: Congratulations to recipients for the week of October 2:  Jackson Earls, Mary Burger, Chloe Bond, Max Horton, Arleen Kaur, Emery Toliver, Carter Siddons.  Keep letting your lights shine!

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October 13 – 9:30am Living Rosary in Zore Hall.

October 13 – 1:00pm dismissal for Faculty Meeting. End of First Quarter.

October 16 – 20:  Fall Break – No School

October 26 – 1:00pm Dismissal for Parent/Teacher Conferences. Sign up HERE

October 27 – 1:00pm Dismissal for Parent/Teacher Conferences.

November 1 – 8:45am mass – All Saints Day

November 2 – 7:00pm Cardinal Ritter High School Open House

November 3 – 7:30am Donuts with Dad in Zore Hall (Sponsored by 3rd Grade)

November 8 – 1st Grade Mission: Sheltering Wings Popcorn Sale

November 8 – 6:30pm St. Susanna Middle School Highlight – Everyone is invited!

November 9 – Veteran’s Day Program – Honor members of our school and parish family who have served our country.

God bless,