Principal Notes 11/27/2017

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Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving Break!  Over break, my husband and I caught a movie that I highly recommend – two things that I rarely do!  “Wonder” is the new Julia Roberts/Owen Wilson film about a boy born with facial differences who, after being home schooled for many years, is transitioning to a private school.  His parents, of course, pray that the other kids accept him.  The movie is realistic in that the kids are, at first, standoffish with him.  They don’t understand his differences, so they fear the unknown.  That is the way of human nature. They aren’t trying to be mean, but of course our hearts break to see the boy eating lunch alone on his first day.  I won’t completely spoil the movie for you, but it contains some powerful messages without getting too sappy, and it’s safe for most children to watch, too!

I bring it up because I took away some lessons.  The teacher in the movie writes quotes on the board for his students to analyze.  One was “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” Of course, our young main character understand and exemplifies this thought. This made me think of the “7 Habits” we have been studying.  Being Proactive means choosing your attitude and responses.  Approaching situations with Joy in your heart helps you make that choice to be kind.  And being kind is a way of being a good citizen, which is Beginning with the End in Mind.  When you are kind, your “end in mind” will be positive and lead to achieving your own Goodness.  Spoiler alert: Many kids in the movie end up learning that lesson quite well!

Drop in Movie Night: Need to get some shopping done or an adult night out?  Let our 8th graders help you out on December 15Click HERE!  Please note that this is open to registered St. Susanna School students only.

Know of anyone who is good at working with children?  We’re looking for a well-organized, positive person over 18 years old to join our EDM staff.  Hours are 3:00 – 6:00pm Monday through Friday (school days).  Please email our EDM director Mrs. Elaine Cutshall ( or call 317-839-3713.

The 8th Grade Class is selling discounted tickets to an Indiana Pacer’s game on January 10th, 2018, against the Miami Heat.  This night will be our school spirit night hosted by the Pacers! At halftime, a lucky 8th grade student will accept a check from the team from our fundraising efforts to be used toward our 8th Grade Trip. If you’re able, please consider purchasing tickets! Information HERE.

St. Susanna Holiday Basketball Camp will be held on Friday, December 22.  It runs 9:00am – 3:00pm and is open to boys and girls in first through seventh grades.  Click here for more information.

Calendar:  December

7:  8:45am Our Lady of Guadalupe mass

7:  6:30pm Preschool/PreK Program

8:  8:45am Mass (Immaculate Conception)

10, 11, 12:  Santa Shop (in Parish Center)

11:  6:30 pm Christmas Band Concert

13:  6:30 pm K – 4 Music Concert

15:  8th grade Movie Drop In Night

18:  9:00 – 11:30am  Penance Service (3rd – 8th grade)

21:  8:45 Mass

21:  7:30pm School Commission meeting

22:  Teacher Work Day – No Students.

December 22 – January 7: Christmas Break

God bless,