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At St. Susanna, Our Students,


2nd gr book buddies (10)

Book Buddies

This is a time-honored tradition at St. Susanna.  Each year a younger class (preschool, PreK, Kindergarten) will pair up with an “older” class (1st through 4th).  Every week the classes get together, and the bigger kids read to the littler ones.  The kids are paired at the beginning of the year and stay with their “book Buddy” throughout the year.  By springtime, a bond has formed and the smaller students look up to their book buddy.  They look forward to when they are a “big kid” and can be a book buddy to someone.



Breakfast Book Club

The Breakfast Book Club (BBC) meets every Monday morning at 7:30.  We all read the same novel (pace agreed on by the group), and discuss plot, character, and “what if’s”.  We also discuss the writing process and how an author would develop a novel.

Middle School Book Club

Our newest book club was initiated by an industrious 6th grade student for 6th, 7th and 8th grade readers.  This group is completely student-led (with staff supervision).  It meets once a month on Mondays.  This club was created in the hopes that it will encourage students to read and expand their imaginations to new ideas.  During each meeting, a book is selected to read.  As a book is completed, a skit, game or craft will tie it all together.  Students will have input on books selected.



Reading Millionaires

With every AR reading quiz passed, the student received credit for the number of words read.  To read a million words in a year is a very special accomplishment.  Each week, students who are new “reading Millionaires” are announced and their name is added to a special bulletin board.  How many words is a million?  If you read all seven “Harry Potter” books, you would have read just over one million words: 1,084,170 words.  One million words is A LOT!





Year-End Reading Challenge

Each year, we keep track of the total words read by the student body at St. Susanna.  During the second half of the year, a challenge is extended to the students.  If that challenge is met, our principal or priest will do something in return.

Last year, our priest, Fr. Glenn, served lunch in the cafeteria–in his hazardous waste uniform!  The kids loved it! Who knows what this year will bring!