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kroger_community_rewardsSchool ID: 11197

When you enroll in Kroger Community Rewards®! To get started, sign up with your Plus Card below, and select a local organization you wish to support. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll earn rewards for your chosen organization every time you shop and use your Plus Card!

marshSchool ID: 28640

Points are tallied for every item purchased by school supporters who register their Marsh Fresh IDEA Card or O’Malia’s CouponPlus Card for a school. And, once again this year we will be adding an additional point earning opportunity into the program. 100 Bonus Points for new shoppers that enroll to support your school and give us their email address

targetSchool ID: 17972

The most recent Target donation to this school (February 2015): $618.20

Total of all Target donations to this school through February 2015: $16,044.43

Amount accumulated toward the next Target donation:*$735.31

Number of REDcard holders who have designated this school:54

This program is ending 5/14/2016.  Once enrolled qualifying REDcard purchases made

before 5/14/2016 will count toward your designated schools payout.



Account Name:  St Susanna Catholic Church Plainfield Inc

When Amazon customers shop on a new version of the company’s website – – the company will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to charity. Customers pick their charity through the new website and there are almost one million to choose from, including “St. Susanna Catholic Church Plainfield“. 
There is no cap on the amount Amazon will donate and almost every physical product sold by the company is eligible, which means tens of millions of items. Digital goods are not included, but that may come in the future.  Everything else about the Amazon online shopping experience stays the same, including the shopping cart, wishlists and shipping options. The prices will also be the same, so these donations will suck some of the profit out of each sale Amazon makes through the program.