Volunteer Hours



Volunteer (v.) – to choose to act in recognition of a need, with an attitude of social responsibility and without concern for monetary profit, going beyond one’s basic obligations.

Volunteering in St. Susanna School is an experience and a privilege for both the school and the volunteer. It is designed to promote and maintain a supportive relationship for the students, teachers and school staff.

On an annual basis ending the last day of each school year, each family is expected to donate 40 volunteer hours to be completed by adult family members – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Volunteer hours completed by students will be considered part of their Religion class service.  Any project or activity claimed as a volunteer hour MUST directly benefit St. Susanna School.  Many opportunities are offered throughout the year by PTO, CYO, and classroom teachers. If you have any general questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the volunteer program or what activities qualify as a volunteer hours, please contact the school principal.

Some acceptable volunteer activities include….

    • Chaperone field trip,

    • Assist in the school library,

    • Recess monitor,

    • Serve lunch,

    • Attend PTO or School Commission meeting,

    • PTO Representative,

    • Plan/supervise a class party,

    • Tech helper,

    • Tuesday Night Work Crew,

    • Work at/plan a PTO-sponsored event (ie – Jamboree, Sparty Party, Movie Night, etc.)  Attendance at such events is encouraged, but does not count as volunteer hours,

    • Work at annual Parish Festival (again, attendance is not volunteering),

    • Help with a planned classroom activity (at directive of your child’s teacher),

    • Assist teacher with bulletin board, laminating, copying, etc. (as requested by the teacher),

    • Prepare projects at home for school use,

    • Attend Back-to-School Night, Parent/Teacher conference, etc.

    • Coach CYO sport,

    • Work a CYO-sponsored activity (ie – Casino Night) Attending such events is encouraged, but does not

    • Work Uniform Sale,

    • Other activities, as determined by staff.

Please Note:  Time spent shopping for items, driving to a location, looking at things online, attending a program/event, etc. are NOT considered Volunteer Hours and will NOT be added to your total for the year.  There are many other opportunities for active volunteering during the school year.  If you have questions, please email the principal prior to submitting.

Log Volunteer Hours Here

How to Log Volunteer Hours

Hours must be submitted via an Online Volunteer Form.  Paper submissions will not be accepted as the online form submission automatically generates reports necessary for tracking family hours.

Please email questions related to volunteer hour tracking, summary reports, and total hours submitted to Volunteer@saintsusanna.com.  If you have a question related to what qualifies as acceptable hours, please email the principal, Mrs. Tillery, for clarification.

At the end of each semester, each family will receive a summary of their volunteer hour submissions.  It is recommended that every family completes and submits 20 hours by December 15th and that they turn in the full 40 hours by May 15th of each school year.  These deadlines allow for summary reports to be generated at the end of each semester.

We sincerely thank our families for their volunteerism.  Without your support we would not be able to provide many of the wonderful services and activities that we offer our students.