Winter Recess Policy

Brrrrr…. Is it COLD outside!! Regardless of the temperature, we will ALWAYS have recess.  We will use the following guidelines to determine if recess will be inside or outdoors:

  • If the temperature (windchill included) is ABOVE 32*, we WILL go outside for the full recess time unless it is raining or there are puddles or other hazards on the playground.
  • If the temperature (windchill included) is 32*-10*, we WILL go outside for 15 MINUTES.  Recess time begins at regular time and ends 10 minutes early.  This allows for the teachers on duty to come in and thaw out for 15 minutes before the next group goes out.
  • If the temperature (windchill included) is BELOW 10*, we will stay inside.
  • If the there is snow/ice on the playground, we will stay inside.

PLEASE encourage your child to wear pants (or plain navy, white, or black leggings underneath jumpers/skirts) and tennis shoes or closed-toed shoes to school. They should also have coats, hats, gloves, etc. – all labeled with names or initials. *Reminder:  Boots are NOT part of the school uniform.  Since we will not go outside if there is snow on the playground, it is not necessary for students to wear boots. Please do not allow your child to wear non-uniform items, unless it is a specific alternate dress day.  Uniform policy is found HERE.  Thank you for your help!

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